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  • Your head shots should breathe!  


  • As soon as we see your photo we should feel something about you. Whether the picture is more of a character portrayal or the premiere shot, it should speak you, not an idea of who you want to be.

  • Your head shots should show numerous sides of your personality while keeping with your true essence.  Think about the roles you will be auditioning for and choose wardrobe accordingly.  No costumes! Keep it simple with great color.  Choose clothes that are comfortable and selections you love.  Solids - from muted tones to rich colors, set a tone for each shot.  Black and white are good as well especially for layering.  Bring a variety of items including tanks, t- shirts, sweaters, jackets, fun and comfortable.

  • For Women, watch out for too tight or revealing clothes. We want to see your heart (enough said). 

  • Anything you normally use for your hair, bring to the session.  There will be makeup and hair products here at the shoot as well. Each change of clothing will have its own makeup application.  


  • For children, the essence of your child is the most important element of the headshot.  Whether their personality is shy or full of spunk, their individual beauty and heart should shine through.

  • Refrain from outfits with glitter and sparkles.  (Save them for parties not for pictures). Think Gap and Old Navy for a clean look. Bright, solid colors are great, and please refrain from neon colors that will appear dated.  Tanks, t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters ~ layering with a polka dot, stripe or plaid work as well. Bring a variety of clothes that your child loves and is comfortable in.

  • I recommend NOT going shopping for “new outfits”.  If you need some basics for auditioning purposes, by all means make those purchases and keep it simple.

  • Feel free to call or email with any questions.  I can take a peek at some of your selections if you send photos.   

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